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Swiss Screw Machine Products

Larsen facilities include Tornos, Bechlers, Escomatics, Custom High-Speed Screw machines, Rotary Tables, and the unexcelled craftsmanship that distinguishes Swiss production. We are equipped for burrless slotting, milling, cross-hole drilling, taper cutting, knurling, threading, grinding, burnishing and polishing. Our miniature and microminiature parts (usually weighing less than 3lb./M) normally have tolerances of 0.0002″. A finish of 32 microinches is routine.

Minimum quantities quoted: 10,000 pieces

Precision – Larsen specializes in very close tolerances:

  • 0.0002 inch for microminiature parts
  • 0.0001 inch for pivots, with finishes of 2 microinches

100% Guarantee – Our quality control system allows us to provide a 100% guarantee that all Larsen parts will conform to your drawing specifications.

Statistical Process Control – In addition to meeting normal statistical quality measures, statistical process control, accompanied by X-R charts is available.

Clean, Burr Free – All Larsen parts are clean, burr free, and ready for immediate use on all types of automatic assembly machines. Class 10 clean room conforming parts, packaging and testing available upon request.